March 18, 2024

Business Model Canvas for a Start-up Venture

business canvas model for a startup

A business model canvas is a helping tool to present a model graphically for a start-up business, that is going to launch a new program and Application for disabled persons. In this topic, a thorough analysis of the market, and new strategies for developing in an existing market, where the strategy will be able to understand the market, target areas for people on the market, making cost-effective will boost the venture to a crucial existence in the UK market.   


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business canvas model sample

Figure 1: Structure of Business Canvas Model


1. Understand the Canvas Business Model using an example of a Startup: 


Key Partners:

The low cost of the app would gain customers and the appropriate suppliers who will give the idea and research to the business.

The venture will be boosted to a key existence by a thorough market study, and new methods for developing in an existing market, where the strategy will be able to comprehend the market, target regions for individuals on the market, and make cost-effective decisions.

A business strategy Canvas is a useful tool for presenting a model graphically for a startup company that will introduce a new program and application for people with disabilities.


Key Activities:

Setting up networking in business, making business negotiations, making importance on producing best activity. Making organizational skills in marketing and sales to perform and promotion for the app, and communicating better relationships for the customers of the app.


Key Resources:

It will require various kinds of key resources, like physical, intellectual property, human, and financial aspects. Physical assets like facilities, buildings, vehicles, machinery, point of sale systems, and distributing networks, intellectual things are – branding, wealth knowledge, patents and copyrights, partnerships, and customer databases.


Value Propositions:

the value propositions are desires, demands, and risks

Desire- decision-making systems, using conscious thoughts about how they will improve for betterment

Demand – customers’ demands are the principal things, especially about demands.

Risks – risks of masking mistakes, taking risks, fear of loss.


Customer Relationships:

Customer relationships – transactional, long-term, personal assistance, dedicated personal assistance, self-service, automated service, communities, and co-creation.



Channels- SEO, SEM display, Viral/word of mouth, partnerships


Customer Segments:

This can be developed through following the report, talking to the people, making geographical identification, creating demographics, psychographics, behaviorals, applying ads to target the actual consumers, leveraging through social media groups, advertising strategically online, hiring a complete outward marketing group, Google analytics, kiss metrics, and Optimove.



To fix if an expense is determined or it is variable, making the effect of a business cost body and generating advantageous parts to lower the actual fixed costs. 68$ per year will be the cost of the app’s subscription.


Revenue Streams:

Taking fees from subscription plans, renting, leasing, and lending the assets, licensing content to other parties, brokerage and leverage fees, and advertising fees.



2. Analysis:


Market Analysis:

Ordination: A venture strategy is a brief and severe method, which includes various, planning. It is relevant to the design and it needs to be given a brief description of the method for improving every subject on this canvas (Franceschelli et al 2018). While evaluating a business strategy the upcoming and probable conceptions, drawings, and tools.

Prospects: this is kind of a tool to figure out a business strategy, it is a basic path for representing reports where various kinds of activity, examination, and hazardous issues exist (Kotarba, M., 2018). The method is the platform for stepping into the market, where the specific goals are fixed in the particular area, and the method and proposals will be met.

Existence: the method might be better and suitable to subsist in the business in upcoming times; sometimes it is important to develop an updated version for users for the recent good


Planning and methods to influence the app through social media

When building and launching an exercise app it is crucial to make it more attractive via “social media”,

There are several methods to get an app popular using social media tools;

  • Aiming on “app store optimization”(ASO)

The aspect of “ASO” is to get the person to search, click, and get it on mobile by using the mobile store of applications. It mainly gives attention to words and “conversion rate optimization”.

Some more factors are included to better application placement in the search area are,

  1. The total download figure
  2. Feedback from applicants who have used it before
  3. The conversation regarding the usage of the app
  4. Choosing a suitable logo for the app that will attract users
  5. Inserting the app details information on how to use the app for users
  6. Include various kinds of languages for the users


Applying theory by Business Model Canvas


  • Perform user division: the users are the main factor who describes the feedback and give reviews on the particular app (Ghezzi, A. and Cavallo, A., 2020). So it’s significant to target approachable users, and by doing this the business would denote the main aspects of the app for users
  • Similar apps: “Technographic segmentation” denotes on which devices the app will run and perform for users like through mobile, laptop, and personal computers (Bocken, N. et al 2019). It would provide an understanding tool that users with various kinds of tools will realize the app and the venture would have an approachable way to fathom the given data according to their desires and demand.
  • Placing premium plan: it is a fact that most users will perform and run the app through a free plan, but when a premium plan is being launched, it will encourage users to go through a detailed exercise process with a detailed nutrition plan and lifestyle. Hence, it will be able to attract users to purchase a premium plan; on the other hand, it will help the enterprise to earn revenue by selling the premium plan.
  • The method will make it unique compared to others: particular planning will help the company to gain an advantage based upon the app, as this is only an exercise app focusing particularly on the disabled person. It needs to add a fitness plan for users, a resolution that will give an approach to problem-solving factors and make a healthier plan for users.
  • Finance and investing: a lucrative system will be able to gain investment and finances this, as an investment will help to give the business a proper approach to operate more smoothly, and employ more people to the business (Rosa, P. et al 2019).  It could be stated that investment will be able to open outlets and give an approach to the users and the business as well.
  • Applying offline and online plans: the business will employ trainers to help users efficiently, be it through offline modes or online modes, all users are not efficient online and are unknown to online modes, so it will be helpful if the business doesn’t capture itself only by online mode but also perform the activities for the user by offline mode also.
  • Assisting with care: the venture needs its users to be attached to them if any confusion or error occurs, they can also employ the AI-based service which will give a purpose to use “Chabot” like a customer service which will help promptly to give an approach to solve the question.     
  • “BMC” examples to understand for betterment: there are various kinds of app companies who have pursued their goals via the “BMC” plan. Like – “Netflix ”, ”Uber “,” Airbnb “ (Safar, L. et al 2018).  At the initiating process, they all were small enterprises but by evaluating and applying the “BMC” process, they achieved themselves and flourished as a big giant.


This creates more facilitating to deliver to and realize by individuals.

  • It is more accessible to design and it could be effortlessly done and divided with workers and shareholders.
  • The “BMC” could be applied by a big company and a small venture could apply with just a small quantity of workers.
  • It makes a clear vision of how the separate subjects of any startup are connected.
  • “Bmc template” will help the business be used to apply towards a difficult situation to handle and manage.




This research has resulted in delivering a business plan for launching an application related to exercise of the disabled persons in the UK. The venture will be boosted to a key existence by a complete market study, and new methods for expanding in a current industry, where the approach will indeed be able to comprehend the market, target regions for individuals on the market, and make cost-effective decisions.



Part 2: Self Analysis –


  • I should deliver the business idea for a business model canvas to understand that the main quality of an entrepreneur, who is going to take place in the market segment, is to go through the pre-assessed complex issues, which I have portrayed in this topic from the “BMC” model. When initiating the process it is fruitful to keep a good relationship with a government and it would help it shortly. As an entrepreneur, I must generate employment and financial improvement for society, making inventions to facilitate processes, and making money. Therefore, for this longer process, I need government support through their policy implementation, making easy process of legislation, as the government creates investment and invites investors to generate the growth of the start-up business. A good government connection will help me to make an international identity.
  • I will tell my friends and acquaintances to support the business, in the initiating process the business would stumble, so on the one hand I need to keep a good connection with the government, and on the other support friends, colleagues, and acquaintances who will help either financially or by making promotions.
  • As an entrepreneur and developer of an exercise app, I had to make it more accurate when it is mainly for disabled people, but due to the financial crisis, I was not able to perform the operations efficiently, an application is always performed smoothly through an AI-powered program, but lack of financial problems compelled me to be reluctant. It will help me to realize the financial problem and hence I will pay more attention to aspects, that will gain positive views from investors.
  • I have acknowledged all by myself in this topic, figuring out the problems and giving approaches, providing ideas of how I will perform the business as a start-up, which will step newly in the market. I also hereby state that my above research lacks financial aspects, and I will need to have several ideas to overcome the situations, and it will help the disabled person, as they are not fit physically like other people. Therefore, as an entrepreneur, I need to give a proper solution.
  • In this topic, I have evaluated by using the tool “business model canvas” thorough description. Not only have I given a distinct approach to make the aspects clearer of how to address the business through a proper analysis.
  • The marketing theory which I have emphasized in this chapter will be able to help in finding the approach for making an existence in the market and it will also help to find out the aspects to compete with other companies and make it a long-term achievement for the company’s growth.
  • I have evaluated the evaluation process and method and prospects which are based upon factors like proper system tools, scientific knowledge to perform the app, and analysis for shareholders to gain advancements in financial conditions. I have been able to make a clear view of the previously mentioned aspects and I have made a compact venture plan to meet the requirements that are needed to perform the app-based activity more smoothly and place the strategies to meet fulfillment and take appropriate measures to overtake the obstacles and barriers in upcoming future. It will be fruitful to users, investors, and the business more efficiently.
  • I do trust that I have a better approach to the foundational activities of this topic, and yet I have an intention to devote myself wholly to the app-based start-up strategy and considering this subject in fathoming and training the mistakes and faults that will help for significant online methods, which will help people to use. I will also change the user interface to make the app easier for users to understand and help with their physical activity. I will also investigate how the error occurred by enabling technological advancement for betterment.


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